by Ergo I Exist

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Ergo I Exist's two track demo. Feel free to pay what you want, but we're just putting it up for free so if you like it tell your friends, show your grandma, make your dog listen to it.


released January 9, 2017

Brenden Bell - Drums
Cameron Clarke - Guitar
Jacob Frebe - Vocals
Recorded and mixed by Jesse O'Donnell at the autopsy room in Tacoma, Washington




Ergo I Exist Puyallup, Washington

Ergo I Exist is a metal band from Puyallup, Washington. Three piece with no bass, just trying to make something heavy.


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Track Name: Last Words
No escape from this
My past haunts me

Freezing moon had come for him
Your last words stay with me

Follow me like a ghost
Follow me like a ghost

Freezing moon had come for him
Him not me
Your last words are branded on me

I'm scared
I'm scared
I'm scared
It's okay
Track Name: In His Name
In his name
You kill, You live
You die
You follow your Shepard

In his name
You love, you promise
You lie

In his name
You love, You live
You lie, You kill
You promise, You die

The pain you feel is real
Your life is forfeit
The choices you make
Are yours
No blame can be place
In his name

Yell, Scream, Cry, Pray
You're going to die anyway